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Domestic laser cutting has advantages over foreign laser cutting

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With the rapid development of science and technology in my country and the continuous advancement of science and technology, laser cutting machines have also become popular and popular. Generally, laser cutting machines with high-power configurations are more expensive, and because of different configurations, the price gap The price of domestic laser cutting machine is generally between tens of thousands to several million yuan. The specific price still depends on the power and model you choose. The domestic laser research and development technology is becoming more and more mature. There is no difference in technology, so there are more and more brands of domestic laser cutting machines. Because of this, domestic laser cutting machines are becoming more and more popular among the public.

So what are the advantages of domestic laser cutting machines compared with foreign imported cutting machines?

First of all, the price of domestic laser cutting machine is relatively cheap, and the price of domestic laser cutting machine is not burdened by various tariffs. Compared with the price of imported laser cutting machine, the price advantage of domestic laser cutting machine is great;

Secondly, in terms of after-sales service of domestic laser cutting machines, the equipment and configuration performance of domestic laser cutting machines have been comparable to those of foreign countries, and even due to the rapid development of domestic technology, they have continuously surpassed foreign countries. The most convenient domestic laser cutting machine should be After-sales service, if there is any problem, it may take about a month to sell it abroad once, and the domestic laser cutting machine can only be used for a week at most.