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Precautions for sheet metal processing

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1. In order to avoid injury from debris, a transparent baffle should be installed in an appropriate position.

2. When frosting the surface of the workpiece, move the tool to a safe position, and be careful not to make your hands and clothes touch the surface of the workpiece. When grinding the inner hole, do not use your fingers to support the gauze. Instead, use wooden sticks. At the same time, the speed should not be too fast.

3. For turning type activities, balance weights should be installed, and the activities should be performed after trying to balance.

4. The tool clamping should be reliable, and the protruding part of the tool head should not exceed 1.5 times the height of the tool body. The shape and specification of the gasket under the tool should be consistent with the shape and specification of the tool body, and the gasket should be as flat as possible.

5. Except that the lathe is equipped with measuring tools that can be actively measured during operation, you should park the car and move the tool post to the safe area before measuring the workpiece.

6. Strip-shaped chips and spiral-length chips produced during the cutting process should be removed with hooks in time to prevent hand pull