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Nantong Jiaqi Sheet Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Nantong, which is rich in resources and a land of fish and rice. The transportation here is convenient. Provincial highways 335 and 225 run through the whole area. The riverside highway and Sutong Bridge provide convenient transportation.
The company specializes in the design, production and electrostatic spraying of supporting sheet metal parts for strong and weak electrical boxes, cabinets, network multimedia, and optical fiber products. It can also assist brand manufacturers to manufacture various sheet metal products and machinery supporting products. The company has many years of production experience in metal spraying and can provide spraying services to customers.
The company develops with technical plans, seeks the market with quality, and devotes itself to the machinery manufacturing industry with perfect services and reasonable prices. The company is growing rapidly, and we will continue to improve our business level and product grades with the courage to fight, innovate, and be pragmatic forever. Provide users with thoughtful, meticulous and timely service. Strive to meet and exceed customer expectations of us, and contribute our strength to your cause!
Welcome new and old customers to visit and guide, work together and develop together!