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How to choose stainless steel capillary cutting technology?

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Stainless steel capillary tubes are generally used for automatic instrument signal tubes, automated instrument line protection tubes, electronic equipment line protection tubes, thermal instrument capillary protection and internal support hollow high-voltage optical cables; this depends on the customer’s requirements for the quality of the pipe fittings, and you can decide which one to use Kind of craft.

Grinding wheel cutting is currently the most commonly used cutting method. As the name suggests, it uses a grinding wheel as a cutting tool to cut stainless steel on it; it is also a low-cost cutting method, but because of its cutting A lot of burrs will be generated, so the deburring process is needed in the later stage. Some customers have no requirements for pipe burrs. This method is simple and low-cost.

How to choose stainless steel capillary cutting technology

Laser cutting, the quality of the stainless steel capillary tube cut by laser is good, the nozzle has no burrs, the size is accurate, the material near the incision is not affected, and it has high efficiency, zero consumables, safety and environmental protection and zero pollution. It can be automatically operated only by powering on. Save labor. Generally, it is suitable for customers who have higher requirements on the quality of pipe fittings and smaller dimensional errors, and are mostly used in precision instruments and equipment.
Wire cutting is to allow the stainless steel capillary tube to be cut on the wire cutting machine. However, this method will cause discoloration of the nozzle. In the case of demanding buyers, it needs to be processed by later processing, such as polishing and polishing.